We are not all created equal

Some may pretend that they are perfect in every way, but unfortunately the perception of our perfection differs widely This is certainly true among roof truss manufacturers within the roof truss industry.

What is a perfect roof truss manufacturer? A perfect and most beneficial roof truss company is SABS approved and doesn’t hold back the proof of SANS 1900 certification.

Being SABS approved means that all equipment, materials, processes and software are inspected at least 7 times a year, without prior notice.  Whereas to other roof truss memberships with ITC, roof truss manufacturers only receives an inspection visit once a year with notice of inspection day (lets one think…)

Yes, it’s very clear what to look out for… but there also seems to be a confusion about roof truss companies being SABS approved when they only use SABS approved wood.  SABS approved roof truss manufacturers is certified on everything, even remotely relevant roof truss products used within the manufacturing process.

Be aware that a lot of roof truss manufacturers associated with International Roof Truss Systems falsely state on their websites to be SABS approved – as most of them play around with the words and creates an impression that the final roof truss is SABS approved.  Here is an example “We are a member of the Institute for Timber Construction South Africa and are a licenced by International Truss Systems (Pty) Ltd. who are accredited with SABS ISO 9001.”

How do you find out which roof truss manufacturers are really SABS certified and which are putting up a front? You can do a check on whether a roof truss manufacturer is SABS certified, by typing in the manufacturer name here, (or under Search by Commodity type in “roof trusses”) under the SABS Certified Products section.  If the company appears (see below as with Kelbrick’s Roof Trusses), then you know that you’ve got the real deal, if not…well then you know you won’t get value for your money.