Warning: SABS Counterfeits

You’re searching for roof truss manufacturers and as you search on Google you actually find various manufacturing websites and they seem to be legit, because of the SABS approved ISO 9001 logo on their sites…

But, do you accept quality through only a SABS approved mark you see on a company’s website rather than the actual certificate of approval??

If not, you should.  As most of these roof truss manufacturers misguide clients who is searching for only the best in roof trusses and everything that goes along with it.  These manufacturers make use of suppliers that uses software for roof truss design which can be associated with the SABS mark, but cannot claim to be SABS approved. Most of them plays around with the words and creates an impression that the final roof truss is SABS approved.

Would you be furious to discover that the roof truss manufacturer you chose pretended to be only the best…that they’ve been using the SABS approved as a cover-up to gain more sales??

Yes, you would because it’s equivalent to fraud – you won’t get value for your money…if you do come across a roof truss manufacturer that falsely claims to be SABS approved, report it immediately.  ITC also seems to be an impotent institution for not confronting its members and system suppliers in this regard.

Kelbrick’s Roof Trusses wants to ensure that you choose the roof truss manufacturer that uses SABS approved timber because it is an industry requirement. In fact, the whole manufacturing process of roof trusses should be SABS approved.  Make sure the manufacturing company possesses the SANS 1900 certificate in order to place the SABS mark on their roof trusses.

Kelbrick’s Roof Trusses became the first Roof Truss Manufacturer in South Africa to obtain the prestigious permit (SANS 1900) from SABS to apply the SABS certification mark on all the Roof Truss products we manufacture – ask us and we’ll provide the proof.