Take off the load!

Ultra-span roof trusses are trending within the roof truss industry… why? It’s light weight and cost-effective and that is why Kelbrick’s Roof Trusses as a fabricator of MiTek provides ultra-span steel roof trusses in Brits and Gauteng-areas. We offer Commercial Steel Roof Trusses and Residential Steel Roof Trusses.

What are the benefits of ultra-span steel roof trusses?

  • All materials utilised are Galvanised coated to a minimum Z200 specification. The steel material suppliers are prepared to give a 50-year warranty if there is a roof covering and ceiling in place.
  • Ultra-span can be used at the coast, but the site should be at least 500m from the shoreline. Due to salt spray, any site that is within 500m to 10km from the coast should not only have the roof space enclosed by the roof covering and ceiling but any eaves or barge overhangs should also be enclosed.
  • The different metals in sheeting products affecting galvanised steel are stainless steel, copper and brass.
  • The roof design guarantee is for the lifetime of the roof. The steel manufacturer’s guarantee is for 50 years, as long as the conditions noted in Q1 and Q2 are observed.
  • Roofs of 40m clear span have been successfully designed. However, loading conditions will impact on the spans achievable.
  • Steel as a material is 100% impervious to any insect or fungus attack.
  • Steel, especially light gauge steel, is fully recyclable and as such represents one of the most environment friendly materials.
  • The Ultra-Span® roof structure will act like a partial “Farday” cage during lightning – safely sending any static energy into the support structure and foundations.
  • TV and radio transmission waves will simply pass through all the structural elements.
  • The Ultra-Span® light gauge steel structure is 100% non-combustible (that means it cannot contribute to a fire). In conjunction with the appropriate roof covering and ceiling covering – the roof structure the structure could be deemed to have fire resistance.