Concerns about Roof Trusses and Solar Panels

We are all aware of Hurricane Irma being the most extremely powerful catastrophic Cape Verde type hurricane, the most intense observed in the Atlantic since Dean in 2007. Forbes state that the hurricane season has just started and we can confirm Tropical Storm Maria’ appearance recently. On Thursday, Hurricane Maria dumped rain on the Island, Puerto Rico, leaving it in chaos and devastation.

Natural Disasters in South Africa

South Africa is known to not have major natural disasters such as hurricanes and intensive storms, but recently we experienced disasters that left South Africans in some disarray. From 2016 until now, our country has suffered the impact of the following two disasters –

Disasters might not hit South Africa as frequently as with other countries, but that doesn’t mean that precaution should be neglected. We don’t know for sure what nature has planned for South Africa, especially with Global Climate Change occurring.

Roof Truss Provision for Possible Natural Disasters – Storms

Kelbrick’s Roof Trusses, an SABS approved Roof Truss Manufacturer, wants to assure you of stable roof truss structures designed with correct, revised, wind load.

Kelbrick’s Roof Trusses are licence holders of MiTek and MiTek Design Software, who will release the latest version of the MiTek 20/20 Software in September/October 2017.

The South African Design Code SANS 10160-3 was revised in 2011 and include the following:

  • The change of the loading code to be more in line with EC5 (European Loading Code),
  • Reduction of Tributary Area Loading,
  • Increase in mandatory point load to 1kN,
  • A revised wind section to be more in line with EC5.

The previous version of the MiTek S.A Software MiTek 2020 included wind loading and now, the revised wind loads as per requirements of the Code have been included.

The revised wind load enables extensive methods in calculating the wind pressure on the buildings with a lot more emphasis on the effect of the wind on exposed overhangs, gable end walls and ridges.

The net effect of the revised wind loads is an improved design on normal roof areas with the emphasis on edge and end areas. Standard details of ridges, gables, and overhangs are considered with the revised loading. The software also enables you to check these areas, if required.

The software will regularly be updated with the latest Code requirements to offer you the best solution for your roof truss project/s.

Contact Kelbrick’s Roof Trusses and speak to our experienced designers as early as possible regarding the design of your roof. Our designers will work with you to reach the ideal solution. To complement the design service, our package includes (if required) full working drawings and design calculations to local authority requirements.

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