Do you know what all goes into making a roof truss

If you ask us, the roof truss designing and manufacturing process is pretty interesting. (But of course, we may be a little biased.) The exact process will vary by manufacturer and product, but in general, there are a few steps that stay consistent no matter where you are. Here’s an overview of the steps in the roof truss manufacturing process:

  • Design: It all starts with design. After being contacted by a builder or developer, the truss manufacturer will start the design process. Knowing what the truss will be used for, how big it must be, where it will be supported, and more, our designers will then utilize their expertise and design a truss that meets the client’s requirements, as well as all relevant Building Codes.
  • Wood and plate selection: The truss design also specifies the type of timber to be used and the type of truss plates to be used. There are variety of different types of timber and plates, and the correct wood and plates must be used in all cases. At Kelbrick’s, all of our timber and plates are clearly segmented out and organized. Once the design is approved, our team will pull the timber and plates and begin manufacturing.
  • Template making: To make the manufacturing process more efficient and accurate, the next step is template making. With the design, the manufacturer sets up a template that outlines what pieces need to be used where, how they fit together, and where plates should be placed. Different manufacturers use different systems, but at Kelbrick’s we use a MiTek system with a cutting list that shows the correct placement of the plates.
  • Cutting: Ready to begin manufacturing? It all starts with cutting the wood. No matter how the manufacturer chooses to cut it, the important thing is that the proper timber is selected, and then cut to fit the design. Pieces must be cut accurately in order to fit tight tolerances and complete manufacture.
  • Assembly: Once all the wood is cut, it’s time for assembly. Cut pieces of wood is inserted into the template and checked to make sure they match the design. After that, the truss manufacturer places the truss plates and readies for final pressing.
  • Pressing: The final step in roof truss manufacturing is pressing. With wood cut and assembled and truss plates in place, the entire roof truss assembly is run through a hydraulic press and inspected. At that point, the truss is completed and ready for shipping!

Do that process hundreds of times a day and you have a good sense of what a day on the shop floor at Kelbrick’s looks like. It’s quite a process, but we enjoy it greatly and pride ourselves on our expertise in truss design and manufacturing.

Now you know how roof trusses are made. If you’d like to purchase roof trusses or other products from Kelbrick’s, or if you just have a question, don’t hesitate to reach out! Call us at 071-676-3404.